The Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley (DP/SFV) is the coordinating body for a coalition of twenty-seven Democratic Clubs. They are located in the six Assembly Districts (38, 39, 43, 45, 46, and 50) which are wholly or partially in the San Fernando Valley.

Members of DP/SFV are mostly members of the affiliated clubs. DP/SFV is chartered by the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee. The organization is run by its Executive Board through monthly meetings. The executive board consists of officers and members elected at a biennial convention in odd-numbered years, plus one representative from each affiliated club and several Democratic Party officials as ex-officio members.


It shall be the purpose of this organization in all of its endeavors to coordinate Democratic Party activity in the San Fernando Valley; to motivate party members; to develop leadership; to increase party responsibility; to contribute to the growth and influence of Democratic Clubs and the Democratic Party; to maintain and promote harmony within party ranks; to maintain a Democratic visibility in the San Fernando Valley and contiguous areas; and to encourage greater participation in the political process by all Democrats and to motivate non-Demcrats to join our party.

We must strengthen this grassroots coalition of progressive Democrats to support and conduct an effective, independent campaign for the Presidency and for Congress.


Chair: Agi Kessler
1st Vice Chair: Chad Jones
2nd Vice Chair: Michael Kulka
Recording Secretary: Daniel Tamm
Corresponding Secretary: Sophia Hernandez

Elected Assembly District Executive Board Members: (as of 4/16/2013)
38th AD: Lysa Simon, Dina Cervantes, Kristin Ingram-Worthman
39th AD: Daisy Esqueda, Guillermo Marquez, Wesly Hernandez
43rd AD: Thom O'Shaughnessy, Juliet Minassian, Shanna Ingalsbee
45th AD: Jeff Daar, Leah Herzberg, Michael Goldman
46th AD: Adrienne Burk, Sheldon Kadish, Wendy Block
50th AD: Casey Robinson, Dante Atkins, John Alford

Elected At-Large Executive Board Members:
Damian Carroll, Charles Taylor, Doris Dent, Ian Anderson, Jim Hilfenhaus, Kess Kessler, Lyn Klein, Marcia Schneider, Marilyn Grunwald, Ray Bishop, Tauby Lynn Ross, Lyn Shaw, Antonio Sanchez, Max Reyes, Greg Girvan

In addition each affiliated club has a representative on the board and several Democratic Party officials are ex-officio members.


The DPSFV Executive Board meets monthly, usually the first Monday, at 7:00 pm at the State Building Auditorium, 6150 Van Nuys Blvd. All Democrats are invited to come to our meetings however only board members can vote.


In 1976 a group of active Democrats in the San Fernando Valley formed a group called Democratic Clubs of the San Fernando Valley. Members of this group included Ted Gutman, Wayne Fisher, and Helen Greenberg. Wayne Fisher and Helen Greenberg served as chairs of this organization. The purpose was to provide a coordinating organization for grass-roots Democrats with the combined strength to open and run campaign headquarters.

A few years later, on October 14, 1978, members of Democratic Clubs and other Democrats met under an oak tree in front of the home of Dodo Meyer, a Deputy to Mayor Tom Bradley. This group formed the United Democratic Steering Committee (UDSC). Democratic Clubs was folded into the UDSC. At the time, Helen Greenberg was Chair of Democratic Clubs. The UDSC elected Frankye Schneider as its chair. Subsequent elections were held early in odd-numbered years. Some time during this period, the name was changed to Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley. The reason for the choice of the new name was to emphasize the role of UDSC or DP/SFV as the principal umbrella and coordinating group for Democratic clubs in the San Fernando Valley. It was expected that similar organizations would come into existence to coordinate Democratic activities in other parts of Los Angeles County.

Chairs of UDSC and DP/SFV from 1979 to the present are as follows:

1979-1983 Frankye Schneider
1983-1987 Wayne Fisher
1987-1990 Bud Knutsen
1991-1993 Ed Burke
1993-1996 Carol Blad
1996-1997 Wayne Fisher
1997-1999 Moreen Blum
1999-2001 Kimon Kotos
2001-2007 Jeff Daar
2007-present Agi Kessler

Click here to download our bylaws (as amended, Feb 5, 2011)

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